The Persistence of Family

PrizeWinner in Shoot (photo/video)
ArtistDiana Cheren Nygren
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The images in this series are composites of my old family photographs, photographs I took of my children as they grew, and the New England landscapes in which my children and I grew up and became people. With these images, generations reach for each other across time. They are driven by a longing for connection that makes real those things I hold dear. And they suggest that perhaps the present, in each of us, contains both the past and the future. Ultimately, "The Persistence of Family" portrays the layered process of becoming, and the complex interweaving of time, place, and identity.

Diana Cheren Nygren is a fine art photographer from Boston, Massachusetts. Her work explores the relationship of people to their physical environment and landscape as a setting for human activity. Her photographs address serious social questions through a blend of documentary practice, invention, and humor. Her work as a photographer is the culmination of a life-long investment in the power of art and visual culture to shape and influence social change.