ours penrose triangle

PrizeFinalists in Shoot (photo/video)
ArtistWei-Ting Wen

We want to use photography and illustrations to help us express our ideas, which can be realistic or abstract. Penrose triangle is an imperfect object, but there is a corner with great imagination. There are imperfections between people. We try to find the imperfections and find out the connection between them. 1.What has been seen is not always the truth. 2.silence is gold. 3.The wise does not buy rumours. 4.A light heart lives long. 5.Content is better than riches.

photography: Wen Wei Ting Makeup/illustration :Huang I Hua co-creation We are from Taiwan team.We love learning new things, and we try to add new things to our creations.We have won the following awards together.