PrizeWinner in Use (product)
ArtistMeridith Lichangco

The soft warm glow of this hanging lamp mimics the veil of light trickling under the ocean. it enthralls the viewers and wraps them under a deep sea of serenity. Under the ocean secured from the storm above portraying life safe from peril. Kai'a represents hope, that life can survive the harshest storm and dances gracefully through it. Using biomimicry for the form of this installation, parchment paper is used as scales intricately placed along the body. Minimizing the use of plastic products and by-products was one of the considerations for sustainability during the design phase.

Meridith "Chini" Lichangco was born in Manila, Philippines and graduated with the degree of bachelor of science in Industrial Design at De Lasalle college of saint Benilde in 2017. After her studies, she applied as an apprentice in Cebu under the world renowned designer Kenneth Cobonpue. There she expanded her knowledge and experience with different types of materials and design philosophies. She learned to look at nature and use its beauty to create unique designs. Her style, mimicking nature, always revolves around the usage of transparency, smooth lines and calmness.