Curly Veil

PrizeShortlist in Use (product)
ArtistAsal Sardarimonfared

My work is completely related to the body, but it does not necessarily go beyond the normal limitations and is associated with the body in an unconventional way from everyday and perhaps unconventional use. For example, in one of the works, the finger is completely covered because the complexity of the tissue itself indicates the lower shell of the body, which is also delicate and complex. I try to clear my mental limitations and use my inner look when designing and designing.

Due to my interest in design and art, I went to the conservatory and then continued my art with a focus on sculpture at Tehran University of Arts. After that, I took specialized courses in jewelry design and lithology, and I was trained in making gold by hand and computer-aided design. Most of my designs are made and sold under the Kia brand (Kia Gallery), and after graduation, I have been working as a designer in this collection for 9 years until today. Needless to say, I follow my own line and thoughts individually.