Space Quest

PrizeFinalists in Use (product)
University/SchoolUniversity of the Arts, London
ArtistUtsav Khadka
Design TeamUtsav Khadka
CreditUtsav Khadka
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Color characterization to identify the different colors and different grip forms create unique ways to learn other techniques and items they deal with in the everyday environment. The game board helps the user understand how to interact with some of the objects an average person interacts with to help them understand and learn the different hand grip, gestures to engage with the daily lifestyle. It is a game board designed for specially able children to engage in their everyday environment without constant supervision.

A self-motivated and process oriented person who has a keen intrust in being a part of a industry that innovates interactive and sustainable products. I believe in designing, manufacturing and constructing products as I juxtapose them which makes life alluring and inculcated with sheen than what it really is.