Cubes Aleorion

PrizeFinalists in Build (architecture)
CompanyVasilis Mylonas Architecture
ArtistVasilis L. Mylonas
CreditVasilis Mylonas

Cubes Aleorion is a proposal for a lighthouse in the city port of Volos, Greece inspired by the so-called Aleorion of Xerxes, originally built in 480 BC on the Aegean Sea. Cube shaped concrete blocks are stacked up, horizontally shifted and cut out in various ways, creating internal voids. Each level frames different viewpoints, thus creating new perspectives of the city, the port, the bay and the opposite coast of the Pagasetic Gulf. The casual walk on the paved breakwater is enriched with a new landmark end-destination, encouraging the extension of the city waterfront promenade onto the sea.

Aspiring multidisciplinary Architect currently working on private residential and commercial projects. Coming from a diverse background spanning an integrated master’s in surveying engineering, a thesis on organic waste management and professional experience in solid biomass fuel production and production line management at an industrial scale. Motivated and always intrigued by innovation, loving modern architecture and all sorts of design challenges. Focusing on a creative fusion of simplicity in form, functionality and the always underlying ambition to achieve high aesthetics.