No Footprint House (NFH)

PrizeFinalists in Build (architecture)
CompanyA-01 (A Company / A Foundation)
ArtistOliver Schütte
Design TeamMarije van Lidth de Jeude, Ronald Carvajal, José Pablo González, Mauricio Rodríguez, Misael Rodríguez, Hernan Mora, Pablo Mora, Luuc van Wezel
CreditFernando Alda
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The No Footprint House (NFH) is located in Ojochal, a small village at the edge of the vast tropical rain forests along the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Designed as a prototype for serial production, the modular building responds to its surrounding habitat through site-specific positioning, natural ventilation and solar shading. Facade panels can be opened or closed individually in order to regulate views and exposure, augment or reduce air flows, create privacy and security. They convert interior to exterior spaces and play with the dynamic among nature and the built environment.

A-01 is an interdisciplinary network organization for the development of integrally sustainable solutions. In a globally urbanizing society, we work at the borderline of city and countryside or help identifying new synergies between the urban and rural domain. Our work methodology is designed to break the boundaries of a single professional perspective in order to allow for a holistic approach that shapes our products. We envision a long-term impact that involves economic growth, a high quality spatial surrounding, a responsible use of natural resources and an equal social development.