YouChoose Holdings Office Complex

PrizeFinalists in Build (architecture)
CompanyBeijing China Virtue Architectural Design Co., Ltd
ArtistChunli Zhang
Design TeamXianna Shi, Yukun Gong
ClientYouChoose Holdings Co., Ltd
CreditYonggang Zhong
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Located in a Green Park, the project consists of two single-buildings, which are the quadrangle courtyard office building and golf club that covers an outdoor area of 3200? and an indoor area of 4300 ?. In order to meet the office and business needs of the young team, the design focuses on the quadrangle courtyard garden landscape, associates with the comprehensive transformation and upgrading of "office building space and golf club" to creates a humanistic office complex of Chinese traditional courtyard. The courtyard design borrows the water-like curve to soften the traditional architecture.