New Museum of Ethnography

PrizeFinalists in Build (architecture)
CompanyNapur Architect Ltd.
ArtistMarcel FERENCZ
Design TeamGyörgy DÉTÁRI, Gergely FILÓ, Dávid NYUL, Csaba GRÓCZ, Pál HOLYBA
ClientVárosliget Zrt. and Museum of Ethnography
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The new Museum of Ethnography designed welcomes visitors with its spectacular exhibitions. The incomparable building with its design evoking a pair of nearly embracing hillsides is distinguished by its unique facade decoration of almost half a million pixels presenting a contemporary adaptation of ethnographic motifs, as well as by its huge roof garden from the highest point of which a stunning panorama opens up. The dynamic yet simple design harmonizes with the park's natural surroundings while communicating with the surrounding urban texture and meeting both professional and visitor needs.

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