Quanzhou Experimental Middle School

PrizeShortlist in Build (architecture)
CompanyPolar Coordinates Design & Bo Yi Architecture Design
ArtistWAN Xinyu
Design TeamHUANG Wenying, CHEN Liyang, ZENG HuiHong, WANG Runyu, ZHU Zhiyuan

The project is located in Quanzhou(Yitong), China, once an important port on the Maritime Silk Road. The project is in the high-density urban area. The design concept is a scene of ocean in a sunny day. The main building integrates the regular standard classrooms and art classrooms, as well as the dynamic exhibition platforms, into one white volume. On the facade, circulation and scattered platforms are shown in negative spaces colored in blue. The white vertical louvers of the dynamic art classrooms animates dynamically when students and staffs walk along the runway, like waves in the ocean.