Drei Milliarden

PrizeFinalists in Create (art)
CompanyLars Klingenberg
ArtistLars Klingenberg
CreditLars Klingenberg

Plastic has invaded our entire living environment: In the human body, in our food, in animals, the landscape, air, lakes, rivers and the oceans. Along with the climate crisis, the plastic crisis is one of the biggest problems of our time. Probably no other object is as symbolic of the global plastic crisis as the plastic bag: it is the epitome of our throwaway society, stands for global pollution, excessive waste and excessive consumption. "Countless" iterations in the form of tyopogies added with hundreds of quotes from online articles reflect the current knowledge on the subject of plastics.

Lars Klingenberg, born 1978 in Aachen, lives and works in Hamburg. Since 2014, Lars Klingenberg has been working self-taught on independent, conceptual-artistic long-term projects, creating, among other things, "Social and Political Sculptures of the Metropolis". Using photographic tools and iterations (partly from objects found or collected on the street), to reflect social states and poverty in Germany. The comparative, objective, and serial depictions are based on a veristic approach of New Objectivity.