Happy Birthday 366

PrizeFinalists in Create (art)
CompanyArtwow Creative Company Limited
ArtistHikoko Ito
ClientArt Promotion Office Hong Kong
CreditEtsuko Ito
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Architect/artist Hikoko has been drawing birthday cards for her parents for years & she never forgets the joy those cards have brought them. Visitors to this exhibition will receive a hand-drawn Birthday Card from a stranger, & they are invited by Hikoko to in turn draw a Birthday Card for a fellow community member, as an act of care & kindness. Selected Cards'll be scanned to a digital slideshow as part of the exhibition, and all Cards'll be collected by future visitors from the 366 Happy Mailboxes on site, which feature 366 Art motifs Hikoko created from the Chinese character for “happiness"

Born in Akita, Japan, Hikoko had worked on multi-disciplinary design projects, and had also taught courses in architecture at universities and art institutions. She produces prints, digital art, games as well as large-scale 3D creations endowed with Chinese characters. Her works have been exhibited in Venice, Paris, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China; and have also adorned postal stamps, wall murals, public seating, interior wall claddings, as well as a collection of scarves and fashion apparels of Hermès’s Shang Xia brand.