Infinite Landscape / 水・光

PrizeFinalists in Create (art)
CompanyRyo Yamada
ClientJIA The Japan Institute of Architects
CreditRyo Yamada
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The Corridor is a 3.6 m-wide, 4.5 m-length, 2 m-high angled space. The water middle of the Corridor consists of hundred of my original and uniquely shaped "Mirror Water Lily" objects arranged beautifully on the floor. Each lily is 200mm in diameter and 200mm in height. It is welded a 1mm iron plate to a steel rod, which is 6mm in diameter. As a result, visitors can only see the “color of the water” and “sun rays and reflections”. Water and Sun, this is a place to take time to look at and sense two elements vital for our lives =Infinite Landscape.