Fragile Oceans

PrizeFinalists in Create (art)
CompanyBeric Henderson Studio
ArtistBeric Henderson
CreditBeric Henderson
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I am an Australian artist with an art-science background. In the “Fragile Oceans” project I explore the beauty, fragility and dynamic nature of the oceans. The artworks trace the contour and energy of wave patterns and ocean rhythms, and warn of the impact of global warming on the polar ice caps. The series of works include detailed ink drawings made on wood or paper, and 3-dimensional paintings made with lines of ink on layered Perspex. The use of line provides a key stylistic means to translate the oceanic currents and interrogate both the subtle and explosive changes in our ocean world.

Beric Henderson is an Australian artist with a background in science (PhD in biology, 1990, Univ. Sydney). His art has been presented through 14 solo exhibitions and ~70 group exhibitions in Australia and internationally since 2003, and his work explores the interface of art and science and the integral connections between humans and the natural world. The major theme is exploring the nature of change, and in turn the changes in nature.