The Pollinator's Revenge

PrizeFinalists in Create (art)
CompanyMaria Than
ArtistMaria Than
Design TeamMaria Than: Poster design + Augmented Reality
CreditMaria Than
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Through speculative design, The Pollinator's Revenge is an imaginative film poster from a dystopia future exploring a potential and frightening reality within that timeline: what if honeybees became scarce enough to be the new currency? What if your own community made a desperate pact with a corporation and sold the last hive for financial gain? Exploring the importance of pollinators within a healthy society, the work aims to scare the user through augmented reality technology and create a justified sense of fright emanating from Man's treason of the natural world.

Maria Than is a Vietnamese-British-French creative technologist, educator, activist & co-founder of Ricebox Studio. Her work is playful, interactive, & narrative-based with a strong focus on social good. She experiments with Augmented Reality, illustration & AI-generated images & is currently working on a series of AI x AR artworks that explores her identity as a chronically online Asian woman who looks at themes of over-productivity, anxiety, internalised racism, burn-outs & escapism. She exhibited in London, Paris, New York & in Toronto and is a Fellow at the Royal Society of Arts.