PrizeFinalists in Illustrate (graphic)
Company1/4 Studio
ArtistAna Mota, Jorge Araújo
Design TeamAna Mota, Jorge Araújo
ClientGaleria Ocupa!

Poster commissioned for an exhibit named Ligatura (ligature). To reflect the core idea of ligature, we opted to use a typeface that featured closed apertures, increasing the "connective tissue" of the typeface. The composition created the meaning of ligature way too far, linking all the letters together in unexpected ways. Persisting with the idea of connection and continuity, we took a frame from one of the videos and arranged it as if the frame had frozen. This allowed for several posters to be stacked and both the image and composition can flow between posters. The poster is a ligature.

1/4 studio is a Porto based graphic design studio, working mostly with the cultural field and with tech startups. The approach lies in the intersection between the analog and the digital, and the handcrafted and the technological. The studio specializes in making publications, particularly books (physical or digital), but also produces visual identities, websites and exhibitions.