How we made Moravia great again

PrizeFinalists in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanyLittle Greta
ArtistRadoslav Dostal
Design TeamStrategy: Zuzana Behova, Creative Direction: Tomas Nedved, Art Direction: Radoslav Dostal, Project Management: Zuzana Behova
ClientZUFANEK s.r.o.
CreditJulius Filip

We distilled the strategic concept into a fresh take on traditional, Mucha-ish motifs. The central symbol of Moravian unity, the hoop – a circle – expresses continuity and the endless flow of time. This blurs the distinction between the Moravian past and the future. Around its circumference, it is decorated with floral elements. These act as a reference to illuminations and liturgy and plum fruits as a less subtle reference to the product. The floral motifs are also elegantly embedded with other motifs that refer to the anniversary year and the heraldry of the South Moravian Region.