Panejamento — Rui Mota

PrizeFinalists in Illustrate (graphic)
Company1/4 Studio
ArtistAna Mota, Jorge Araújo
Design TeamAna Mota, Jorge Araújo
ClientGaleria Ocupa!

A catalogue about a sculpture exhibit that displayed concrete volumes is turned into a concrete volume itself, using eskaboard without any finishing, revealing the structural materials of the box. The typeset composition was overpressed against the cardboard, so that the dry relief would create cracks in the surface, mimicking what happened with the concrete volumes over time. The photos sit inside, printed using Risography, without any binding, allowing for a reshuffling of the photos order, alluding to the mutable nature of the original exhibit, which was updated daily by the artist.

1/4 studio is a Porto based graphic design studio, working mostly with the cultural field and with tech startups. The approach lies in the intersection between the analog and the digital, and the handcrafted and the technological. The studio specializes in making publications, particularly books (physical or digital), but also produces visual identities, websites and exhibitions.