PrizeFinalists in Decorate (interior)
CompanyStudioX4 architects & associates
ArtistLi Yu Cheng
Design TeamYu-Chen Chen, Hsiu-Chu Lin
CreditPhoto by: YHLAA
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The resident is a content creator, requiring an open, yet informal, living area where is free to brainstorming and sharing ideas. Inheriting the advantages of three-side windows, the layout scatters monolithic blocks of storage. Slim open shelving sustains a see-through quality. Two Bezier surfaces follow with beams and columns; downwardly intersect, undermining the eyesore of hulking structural beams. Recessed illumination along the trajectories of Bezier surface, not only expand spacious visuality in the master bedroom, but also provide a pendant for reading in the living area.

StudioX4 architects & associates is a design studio + workshop based in Taipei, Taiwan. Founded in 2010, Studio X4 consists of 6 problem solvers engaging in architecture, interior space and product design. We focus on materials and proportion which brings the abstract feeling into solid experience, and dedicate to make the physical reality around us intertwined with the spiritual world.