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CompanyD-WEBER inc. / 4 DESIGN
CreditAn art stool that maximizes the charm of the material
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Designed with the ultimate goal of reviving a small factory in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.The beautiful curve that emphasises the pipe processing technology is attractive. The material of the seat is designed to come out from the inside of the pipe. It represents regeneration. Piano Black has the image of cosmetics and is characterised by a glossy feel that looks like a lipstick cut diagonally. It goes well with both clothes and kimono. Brushed steel and cypress are excellent.To give them back their pride and their duties, we offered them a design in which the pipe was the protagonis

Started his own studio in 2000. He is mainly involved in projects in the car industries.JIDA (Japan Industrial Designers' Association) Member.In addition, under the original brand [ 4-DESIGN by D-W ] that he started himself, he has announced a number of design products that pursue originality with respect for tradition and materials. he has recently produced works focusing on small local factories. And he works with the city's public relations department to disseminate its appeal to the world.At TEDxAnjo 2022, he talked about the power of design.