PONTO Table-system (meeting-tables)

PrizeWinner in Use (product)
CompanyGrumdesign Troels Grum-Schwensen
ArtistTroels Grum-Schwensen
Design TeamTroels Grum-Schwensen
CreditPelle Wahlgren

PONTO is an innovative meeting-table-system where gravity locks the wooden legs to the strong aluminium-beam, allowing free leg-positioning, tool-free leg-mounting, impressingly long tables with only 4 legs and easy separation of the materials after its lifespan. The pyramid-shaped legs, inclining in two directions, adds stability and character to PONTO, which has got its name from the bridge-like appearance coming from those inclined legs and the long span in between them. Ingeniously technology meets fine craftsmanship, warm materials and eco-responsibility in a simple, yet refined shape.