The Concrete Jungle

PrizeFinalists in Create (art)
ArtistPeter Hammer
CreditPeter Hammer

Our inner cities have largely become concrete jungles with carparks, roads, bridges and more dominating the landscape. Green spaces are few and far between and often tiny in size. This series of images are my interpretations of the concrete jungle urban landscape where people use carparks as places to play. They are created in the style of Jeffrey Smart who was one of the most famous of Australian painters of the 20th century. He created a large series of urban landscapes. His images are in general very stylised, brightly coloured and create his impressions of the city.

Peter used to work as an electronic engineer/IT developer but now spends his time working with photography interspersed with travel. His interests in the photography field range from landscapes, street photography through to fine art and creative image making. Peter's travels have taken him to all 7 continents and around 40 countries.