Symmetry Of Life

PrizeFinalists in Create (art)
ArtistEriko Kaniwa

The symmetry that appears in the body of any living organism is integrated into the gene, but interestingly, the shape of the living organism appears when fragments such as vegetables and leaves are randomly and symmetrically arranged. These fragments used in the work are vegetables such as cabbage, peppers and mushrooms, marine products such as kelp and squid, and dead leaves.   I tried to express how the shape of life on the earth is emerging by invisible natural energy from the fundamental part of nature as like of natural history specimen while considering symmetry.

Eriko Kaniwa is a digital artist of Sensegraphia of Japan. Sensegraphia is a conceptual redefinition of photography, in which the visual aesthetics of the photograph are used to develop and express the sense of nature that enables us to recognize that humans are a part of nature's dynamics. She creates digitally enhanced artwork based on her unique philosophy. Her works were displayed at galleries in London and New York, as well as at the art fairs and international exhibitions such as Fotofever Paris and Barcelona Foto Biennale.