Shell Telescope

PrizeFinalists in Create (art)
University/SchoolArtcenter Collage of Design
ArtistWenqian Wu

Many different fashion trend existed in the 1970s simultaneously which included the Victorian and Edwardian trend, the Deco revival, the Gypsy trend, the Glam-rock, the Disco, the Punk Rock, and the New Wave. In the same time period , the Apollo project was launched and Apollo 17 had done its last walk on the moon. With the inspiration from ocean and space which both contain a suspended and ethereal sense, this piece delivered a retro-futuristic fashion trend based on the 1970s vibe.

Wenqian Wu, an illustrator mainly focused on children's illustration and pattern design. My artworks usually in the midpoint of reality and fantasy. Through my works, my want to bring out the story my inner garden for people to chill out and appreciate.