PrizeFinalists in Create (art)
ArtistGabriele Rodriquez

The proposed project is based on the study of human forms through the typical traits of abstractionism in the mixing of colors and shapes in a typical concept of synthesis. The human bodies thus represented are transformed into an ethereal vision as if the transhumance of the soul from the body took place. The theme is life after death, we wanted to represent the image of the moment of detachment from the earthly body imagining that it happens with an explosion of light and colours. The use of the shapes of the female body has been privileged because the female body has always been more harmon

Gabriele Rodriquez - 1960 He lives in Verona with his wife and 3 sons. Teacher in business subjects until 1997. He has worked as a Chartered Accountant since 1990. Lent to photography, since 1977 this has become an activity that has gradually proved to be more than a passion, more than just a hobby. Photography has probably filled an area of one's cultural life that the studies followed have only touched upon. To his credit the publication of 11 printed volumes, from reportage to the most extreme Mobile Art.