Utopian City Ver2

PrizeWinner in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanyTOMBO Inc.
University/SchoolOsaka University of Arts
ArtistQiuYu Li
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This poster discovered that East German modernist architecture has much in common with Soviet modernist architecture, but also has a unique charm. This poster have discovered fascinate structures among them, and based on these structures, It will explore new possibilities for typography through the composition of letters and architectural structures. With an awareness of space, It aims for a more expansive diversity of typographic expression and a modern typography that is appropriate for today's aesthetics.

Born in Beijing China in 1992. graphic designer, Came to Japan in 2013. Graduated from Osaka Electro-Communication University in 2016, Bachelor of Information Science.Graduated from Osaka University of Arts Graduate school in 2018, Master of Fine Arts. Currently enrolled in the doctoral course at the Graduate School of Osaka University of Arts. member of WDC(World Design Consortium)and member of IAD(International Association of Designers).