The lost childhood dreams

PrizeFinalists in Shoot (photo/video)
ArtistMarkos Agianniotakis

''I want to be a famous actress '' ''I want to be a singer '' ''I want to be a football star'' ''I want to be a doctor so I can cure people '' ''I want to be a fireman '' ''I want to be a super hero , a teacher , a scientist , I want to be a.....'' ''The lost childhood dreams'' is a photo collection about the dreams we had when we were kids and disappeared as we became adults.

I am 47 years old amateur photographer and filmmaker. My favorite types of photography are conceptual , narrative and fine art . Most of my photos are black and white (although some of my projects are coloured) because I want the audience to imagine the colours . My best moments are when I see people bring out their emotions looking at my photos. My motto is ''I want with my photos to make the world a better place'' I am a storyteller after all