The "Soul" of Architecture

PrizeFinalists in Shoot (photo/video)
ArtistPeter Zarkob
CreditPeter Zarkob

During the confinement by the Covid, I had the opportunity to enjoy the architecture of my city from another perspective. Empty cities, without people, without circulation.... Architecture no longer interacted with man and his daily life. Now architecture was exposed in its pure state, showing its essence, enveloping us in a unique atmosphere, inviting us to a journey that, starting from the figurative, moved us to the abstract, to the "soul" of architecture.

As a publicist, I specialised in the creation of logos and corporate identity manuals, creating simple and geometric designs. Now focused on minimalist photography, my work seeks to provoke a strong visual impact that attracts and captures the viewer's attention, transporting them to unique scenarios, making them an accomplice of my thoughts and feelings and enveloping them in an atmosphere that travels from the figurative to the abstract.