Happy lit.

PrizeFinalists in Use (product)
University/SchoolUniversity of the Arts, London
ArtistUtsav Khadka
CreditUtsav Khadka
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Happy LIT is a bedside table lamp that lights up with a slight touch of hand and does not even lose its balance, pivoting on a V shape points, the lamp move in a swaying motion. To turn off, tap the crown of the lamp where a touch sensor is installed. The lamp pleasantly illuminates the space, and it is compact. It is an interactive table light that communicates a feeling of careful and refined design that embraces only the essential elements to fulfill its purpose. Intelligent and powerful, it is designed for maximum light control, pairing with fully glare-free light technology.

A self-motivated and process oriented person. Keen interes in being a part of a industry that innovates interactive and sustainable products. Believes in designing, manufacturing and constructing products. Addressing to real world problems with contextual insights and deeply empathizing with people. Being a Systematic Thinker, thriving to design meaningful solutions and shaping a sustainable and a resilient future. Being a Design Enthusiast my aim is to enhance my creative skills by having fresh and innovative perspective in projects in order to bring design revolution in the society.