Pose - sex education set for the blind people

PrizeFinalists in Use (product)
University/SchoolAcademy of Fine Arts In Katowice
ArtistKarolina Kruszewska
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"Pose" is a educating sexual set for the blind. It addresses the problem of the lack of access to knowledge about sexuality and the failure to adapt products on the market to visually impaired people."Pose" consists of descriptions and substantive parts prepared in cooperation with a sex educator: Dagn? Kocur, audio description on You tube about basic of sex education and spatial figures that are to show in a simple way what the 5 basic positions look like. Pose is dedicated to individual users, sex educators and organization. Project is innovative in Europe where this topic is negligible.

Product designer,specialized in sensory, social design and approaches "design + art". Scholarship and laureate of prof. Wanda Telakowska and the mayor of Bytom, this year nominated for the Dobry Design competition "The Best Designers below 30". Many times I collect ideas for projects by listening to people's needs and reflecting what they feel by real object. Through my projects i can give a voice to people who are not able to say what they need by themselves. For example, mentally burdened people, disabled people, nature.