The Tim and Gina Fairfax Discovery Centre

PrizeFinalists in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanyArterial Design
ArtistJan Nowell
Design Team Nick Lawson, Anna Kilpatrick, Naomi Farahzadi, Andressa Bassani, Daniel Sutton, Sandun Jayasinghe, Brodie Lowe, Alberto Ledesma
Client The National Museum of Australia
CreditAnne Stroud
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Each play experience connects stories extracted from objects within the museum collection and engages a multi-generational learning strategy encouraging carers and parents to share in content and learning. Multiple layers of engagement and all ages accessibility are designed into each story, addressing diverse learning styles and abilities. Consultation with Traditional Owners, artists from Wiradjuri Country and the Erub Island community of the Torres Strait enabled Arterial to include work from Indigenous artists and to acknowledge diverse cultural perspectives on knowledge sharing.

Our core business is to design unique experiential spaces that are immersive and highly interactive to bring stories alive and evoke an emotional connection to place. We respond to the client needs and engage fully with each community to deliver a visitor journey of discovery in public spaces, exhibitions, interpretative design, play spaces, wayfinding and visitor destinations – in doing so, Arterial is committed to embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in the pursuit of truth telling, healing, understanding and reconciliation for the broader community.