A collection of Singapore's fading traditional trades and crafts

PrizeWinner in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanyDesigning Cultures Studio
ArtistJesvin Yeo
Design TeamAlvin Ng, Chan Liying, Tan Peijing
ClientThe Ministry of Education Singapore
CreditVictor Gui
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I’ll keep going as long as I can–these words reflect the heartfelt wishes of craftsmen to prolong their traditional crafts, just as the design team hopes to bring back the joy of reading physical books. The book not only records 28 traditional crafts that have disappeared or will disappear in the next 20 years for future designers to explore and contribute to the craft landscape but also examines book design as a vanishing form of craft. The making of the book explores the fusion of traditional book forms with new technologies and adds interest through unusual structures and visual stimuli.

Jesvin Yeo is a visual communication designer focused on cultural values, human experience and behaviour, and their application to cultural heritage and wellbeing. She explores new ways to spark and distil insight and addresses people’s needs through bold, optimistic design. Her cultural-related works have been published and exhibited internationally, including the Basel School of Design, Berlin Communication Museum and Taiwan Design Museum. These works have also won prestigious design awards, such as the Red Dot Award, GOOD DESIGN™ Award and iF Communication Design Award. Jesvin is the author