Ruri no kaze - Wind of Ruri

PrizeFinalists in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanyAizawa Office
ArtistYukihiko Aizawa
Design TeamYukihiko Aizawa, China Nagata, Yuki Mori
ClientFood Relation Co., Ltd.

Packaging design for rare Japanese green laver that has a rich flavor. It grows only in the specific aquafarming area of Yoshino River, Tokushima Prefecture. The purpose is to make it as a Tokushima’s appealing specialty and to boost the brand value of Tokushima through the product. It is a polyhedron with the motif of the beautiful water surface of Yoshino River. The wavy silver foil stamping seen through the holes in the center also represents the water surface. It is not only creative, but also low-cost. The Japanese classical logo and the edgy package form embody tradition yet modernity.