PrizeShortlist in Decorate (interior)
CompanyYujie Interior Design
ArtistShelley Yang, Belle Yeh

The natural lighting penetrates the whole space and gently sprinkles on the wooden floor. The rustic, pale wood tone with Scandinavian humanistic charm complements the grayish-black American Industrial style. Ingeniously, bringing about a comfortable and agreeable atmosphere via integrating the two very different design styles. Ingeniously space out each office area via different settings such as an iron-framed glass screen, a diatomaceous earth coating partition with excellent moisture absorbing and deodorizing features, and a European-designed eco-friendly modular cabinet.

Integrate the contemporary contexts into the interior scenes. Adhere to innovative ideas to get ahead of others. Skillfully perform the implication of the brand name " YUJIE ". Play brilliant color schemes to fashion the glamorous homes of distinctive features. Create both romantic and intellectual commercial spaces to fulfill people's visions; ingeniously reveal the charming aesthetics of the brand.