Portrait of my garden

PrizeFinalists in Shoot (photo/video)
CompanyGianfranco Merati Studio
ArtistGianfranco Merati
CreditGianfranco Merati
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This project explores death and decay, highlighting that beauty can be found even in these uncomfortable places. The photos portray leaves that have fallen and decayed and -- yet -- retain an intrinsic beauty evidenced by their complex architecture. There is also a parallel to be drawn with the human condition: we all live and die and even after death we leave behind signs of our existence that can be appreciated perhaps from a different perspective.

Gianfranco’s motivation as a photographer is that ‘beauty is everywhere’. He seeks to reveal it. Gianfranco’s focus is abstract photography. Exploring the complex geometry found within nature, he has created many photographic series including projects revealing patterns within melted sugar; magnetic fluid ‘pulled’ into rippling miniature landscapes; and the delicacy of flowers encased in ice. Using both high-tech methods and innovative use of basic means, each final image is exacting and verging on the unreal. This, despite the fact that Gianfranco does not manipulate his images digitally.