PrizeFinalists in Use (product)
CompanyVladimir Zagorac
ArtistVladimir Zagorac
Design TeamDesigner: Vladimir Zagorac, Mentor: Marko Lukovic
CreditVladimir Zagorac

Bio is a selected collection of office chairs, inspired by universal principals of nature. Stylized organic shapes transform into a characteristic form associating to the flower of the Calla aethiopica plant on the outer edge of the backrest. Subtle changes in curvature, orientation and distortion of the two main outlines, along with asymmetric silhouette of the seat, bring uncompromising ergonomics free of all unnecessary visual details. The organic lines of the seats are emphasized in contrast with the different materials of the legs depending on the type and purpose of the chair.

Vladimir Zagorac is a product designer based in Belgrade, Serbia. His opus includes projects in the fields of consumer products, electronics, packaging, home and urban furniture. His main field of interest is conceptualizing, structuring and developing products from within. He believes an object form should be thought out and every detail should have a functional reason. He tries to unify universal and timeless aesthetics with smart innovative solutions in every product.