RUBY XSpira IPX66 Waterproof Coaxial Desktop Wall Mount Speakers

PrizeShortlist in Use (product)
CompanyAnaccord Electronic Technology
ArtistSteve Ko
ClientAnaccord Electronic Technology
CreditVisual Comm By Sherry Shen & Jason Ser @ Bemuseful Creatives

Ruby XSpira is an IPX66 waterproof desktop and wall-mount speakers developed with Anaccord's innovative[Sonic Optimization Design Technology]. The iconic [Spiral Sonic Knot] on the front not only looks good, but also contributes to the 62° vertical and 78° horizontal (normally 30° and 45°) super wide audio reach. When the spiral knot works together with the High-fidelity Coaxial Speakers and the Optimal Bass Enhancement (OBE) radiator at the back, users can experience an immersive 360° of deep bass and sonic purity, delivered in a sophisticated and modern housing design of aesthetic beauty.