PrizeFinalists in Use (product)
CompanyMaytoni Gmbh
ArtistAlexey Danilin
Design TeamLead designer: Alexey Danilin, Engineer: Nikita Morozov, Product managers: Natalia Danilova, Elena Slivka, Assistant product managers: Karim Tabishchev, Anastasia Orlova.
ClientMaytoni Gmbh

The design of the Insight light shows a special visual effect. It combines a sense of weightlessness, a balance of proportions, an original pattern of light and successful engineering solutions. Thanks to the latter, a laconic design was created with an elegant and elementary design, which is visually noise-free and creates a pure design language. This was due to two light sources closed by matte diffusers and toned acrylic that directs the flow of light and makes the lamp hover. An important feature is the light pattern that is created in the surrounding space.