AILE DE VOILE · bracelet · Flow Collection

PrizeFinalists in Use (product)
ArtistAna Cardim
Design TeamAna Cardim
ClientCalouste Gulbenkian Fundation & MAAT Museum shops · ELEMENTS 75 ?80
CreditPaulo Lima
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Aile de Voile bracelet talks about Woman Freedom and her Independence. It is the bridge between the Woman and the World, between the Self and the Other. It is the flow that draws an inner connection with the outside in an attitude that is conjugated in the eternal present. Just go with the FLOW... It will be my FREEDOM. How far do you want to go? What makes your heart beat faster? Can our dreams come true? Driven by the name and inspired by its dynamic shapes, the FLOW Collection outlines a secret dance in proximity movements that are embodied in a jewel.

Ana Cardim was born in Lisbon in 1975 and expressed, from an early age, her desire to create jewells that went beyond the borders of mere body adornment. As an artist she develops a critical conceptual discourse. As a designer, Ana Cardim pursues the concept of essential synthesis. Simultaneously discreet and bold, the jewellery brand by Ana Cardim reflects an attitude of refinement that refers to a temporality that crosses the classic imaginary and the futuristic innovation. Its design follows sophisticated criteria of lightness and formal debugging.