PrizeFinalists in Use (product)
CompanyNakol.Art By Natalia Kolpakova
ArtistNataliia Kolpakova(Shamrai)
ClientNakol by Natalia Kolpakova
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The basic images for the collections are created as independent works with vividly marked story. Mysterious and familiar at the same time: multi-layered answers to the challenge of external circumstances, lucid forebodings and dreams, universal truth hidden under a recognizable layer of line, texture and form. We are creatures of four dimensions - three are spatial and one is time dimension. rejecting one dimension, distorting it and manipulating it in the image, you can create a mysterious sensation “timeless”

My name is Nataliia Kolpakova. This is my maiden name and artistic pseudonym I am from Ukraine, from Kyiv. I am a designer and founder of the Nakol brand. I create high quality accessories. My products are silk scarves and their derivatives: raincoats and kimonos, mules and sleep masks.One of the main principles of my brand is sustainability and limited editions,which allows every client who chooses one of them to feel like the owner of an exquisite collectible.Fantastical stories are woven through each hand-illustrated collectio.Unique needs - Unique proposition