Sanctuary Pet Crematorium

PrizeFinalists in Build (architecture)
CompanyFormwerkz Architects
ArtistSeetoh Kum Loon & Alan Tay
Design TeamShuat Zhen, Aver, YiQing, Yew Yong
ClientSanctuary Pet Cremation
CreditFabian Ong

A Pet Crematorium that deviates from the norm where the nature of the service is largely utilitarian. It chooses to give time and space for the rituals of sending off a deceased pet. To acknowledge the importance of other sentient beings but also it is for the living. It is a place to grieve, to reconcile and to remember for pet owners that have lost their beloved companion. The idea of ‘Slowness’ was something that we wish to permeate in the ambience and the procession. A respectable time and space to say goodbye and for closure.