Curial - 17 social housing units + 1 retail space

PrizeWinner in Build (architecture)
CompanyAvenier Cornejo Architectes
Design TeamChristelle Avenier, Miguel Cornejo, Pierre-Nicolas Georgeton
ClientÉlogie Siemp
CreditSchnepp Renou

The project was for the public housing agency of Paris (ELOGIE SIEMP), whose mission is to stop the substandard housing, which was the case for this building. This project is a new building. The plot is in triangle and we wanted to work on this complex shape. We created a natural triangular movement to offer terraces to apartments, a „buffer zone“, an inner outer link well valued by the residents. The creation of a garden brings creation of crossing appartments, which are very bright.

Miguel Cornejo founded with Christelle Avenier their agency in 2008 in Paris. Avenier Cornejo was selected as one of the "Europe 40 under 40, 2014 Architecture firms” which recognizes emerging young architects. In the same year, they are nominated at the Equerre d’Argent. In the wake of this, Avenier Cornejo is in the design phase on various projects: housing, sheltered accommodation, children’s facilities, medical installations; and in the construction phase on several other projects in Paris. The approach of the studio is above all inventive. The goal is to bring a fertile reaction.