Fictional Still Lifes

PrizeFinalists in Create (art)
CompanyN. A. Vague
ArtistN. A. Vague
CreditN. A. Vague

For my series „Fictional Still Lifes” I experimented with AI to generate digital images of indefinable objects that seem completely detached from time and space, detached from our reality. Some of them look a little familiar but we cannot really specify and name them. To translate the images back into tangible objects, I printed them on Hahnemühle Baryta FB paper after upscaling and editing them. The project explores questions like "Is AI itself creative?" and "How should we respond to the fact that what AI does is not completely within our control?"

N. A. Vague (born in Berlin, Germany) is a conceptual artist with an emphasis on photography. She initially studied advertising and marketing. Before being brave enough to share her personal art with the world, she worked in a variety of jobs across the media industry, including at The Walt Disney Company, the TV Show “Big Brother” and the Carl Hanser Verlag. Her art is characterized by its subtle wit. She often draws inspiration from pop culture, fashion and advertising. N. A. Vague lives in Munich, Germany.