pignic cafe Yoyogi Park

PrizeWinner in Decorate (interior)
CompanyKAMITOPEN Co., Ltd.
ArtistMasahiro Yoshida
Design TeamYutsuki Takahashi
ClientLittle Piggies Co., Ltd.
CreditPhoto by Keisuke Miyamoto

Pignic is a breeder and directly managed a cafe, it provides a place where people can interact with micro pigs in a stress-free style and relaxing. Humans feel softness, warmth, healing and experience a peace of their mind and achieve a sense of fulfillment by interacting with the animals. Therefore, by expressing all corners with soft curves we have designed a healing and relaxing space both for people and pigs. By plastering up all the walls and ceiling as well as applying coating and illustration from above, we have managed to create an interior where all corners are curved surfaces.