Marvellini Vogue

PrizeFinalists in Shoot (photo/video)
CompanyFoto Marvellini
Artistcollective Foto Marvellini
CreditFoto Marvellini, "Misses Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan wearing Margiela"

The new work explores the 'Fashion,' demonstrating how this is only apparently a superfluous feature of any civilisation. Fashion serves as a mode affirming aesthetic and cultural styles during specific historical moments and within defined geographical areas. So, denying with photographic evidence even the determination of when a certain fashion spread inevitably leads one to question the entire civilisation and mentality of the women and men of that period. Unconsciously, we acknowledge Fashion's susceptibility to external influences, including technology and economics shaping its evolution

Collective fouded by Andrea and Carlo Marvellini in 2011, based in Milan. In the project they embody two brothers, descendants of a legendary family of Milanese photographers. With perturbing language, between the familiar and the fantastic, the collective declines the theme of the 'fake' in photography, plays with the absurd, celebrates past techniques, creates credible ancestors and faithful post-mortems. With their deliberately "deceptive" works, Marvellini invites the viewer to remember that images in general, by nature, trigger and shape his emotions and his understanding of the world.