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CompanyTammy Swarek
CreditTammy Swarek - Father
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"Father" is a pioneering art series by Tammy Swarek that illuminates the underrepresented role of fathers in art history. Combining photography, set design, and symbolism, it crafts emotional narratives featuring fathers and their children from diverse backgrounds. Born from Swarek's personal grief journey, the series functions as both an artistic and social manifesto. Collaborations with artists like Michael Silverwise and Jennifer Thoreson elevate it beyond mere imagery, making it a community-driven dialogue on modern fatherhood. Plans include an outdoor exhibit and a curated book. "Father"

Tammy Swarek is an award-winning and internationally published multidisciplinary artist focusing on photography, painting, and sculpture who lives in El Dorado, Arkansas. Her work is deeply emotional, and is often inspired by her own life experiences, as well as those of her son with autism, and her mother with Alzheimer’s. Swarek is most known for her work featuring adoptable dogs from her local animal shelter. Her series “Shelter Pets Project” became an international hit in 2016 and published across the globe.