Transforming Bowie: From Fragment to Series of Iconic Images

PrizeFinalists in Create (art)
CreditRatka Lugumerski-Teber

Collage is more than an art form; it's a profound means to explore and express intricate artistic ideas. By confronting Bowie, an iconic figure, I deconstruct his image, delving into the depths of iconography. This isn't merely a visual journey; it's a cognitive exploration. Collage encourages reflection on the symbols, contrasts, and oppositions that underpin artistic creation. I constantly experiment with techniques and materials to unveil new layers, ultimately resulting in acrylic paintings.

I am Ratka Lugumerski-Teber, a Serbian artist based in Paris, with a deep passion for collage and the exploration of artistic processes. Drawing inspiration from renowned art movements like Dadaism, Surrealism, and Pop Art, I infuse my work with a distinctive perspective. By utilizing images from the worlds of marketing and fashion, I immerse myself in the juxtapositions between desire and possibility, the everyday and the unconscious. Furthermore, as the founder of the FORMID’ART art workshop, I engage with diverse audiences, always focusing on the creative process.