Memory Bug in Life

PrizeFinalists in Create (art)
ArtistAyako Hirayama
CreditGrandma's room

My work focuses on the theme of human strangeness. Questioning the strangeness of everyday life and the universal concept of "normal," I want to express this by focusing on forgotten moments and brain bugs as they pass against the will of the passage of time. It may simply be the gap between memory and reality.

biography Born in Tokyo in 1982. Became interested in painting through the works and stories of his grandfather, Maeda Mitsugu, who worked on Shiseido's logo and advertisements. In high school, he majored in graphics, and later in printmaking. He has continued to create works while working in film photo processing, magazines, and design companies. [statement My work is based on the theme of "the mystery of humanity," a complex feeling that I feel while living in the modern world. Through my work, I express a unique dialogue between my inner and outer worlds, pursuing the beauty and complexi