PrizeWinner in Build (architecture)
University/SchoolTokyo University of The Arts
ArtistTakatoku Nishi
Credit© Nacása & Partners Inc. Futa MORIISHI
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On sunny days, when the sun shines and a certain amount of wind blows, light is led into the space from the pipes in the ceiling, creating a phenomenon of light that looks like drops falling onto the surface of water. The light constantly moves with the wind and falls to reveal new sights. This architectural space is a remarkable manifestation of the seasonal, daily and time-of-day changes caused by the atmosphere, and the sights that can be experienced differ depending on the time of day when you visit. It is an accidental creation of nature, which we humans cannot manipulate.

He is fascinated by the transitory yet intense beauty of the ever-changing, fleeting scenes that nature produces. He finds the atmospheric optical phenomena contained in these scenes and reconstructs them through 'materials' and 'structures'. It becomes a space of light, creating a spatial experience that we have never experienced before. He consistently faces the mystique of light, while at the same time keeping in mind the 'Atmosphere.' those drifts from the work. The artwork serves as a medium to bring the spectacle of nature closer to us.