Bipolar: Between analogical and digital (salt prints)

PrizeShortlist in Art Thesis
ArtistSilvino González Morales
Design TeamSilvino González Morales
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Introducing you to Bipolar: between analogical and digital photo project As part of my bachelor's degree project I've produced a set of talbotypes experimenting with papers and the classic photographic technique using the male body as a landscape, is a metaphor of my own reflections about how gender roles and stereotypes are impossed on the surface of ourselves by society but if you look closer all that differences simply disappear and what is left behind is skin as a tool for human contact. The other half of the project are a series of digital sabatiers sometimes melted with the scans of the talbotypes presented as an e-book and hopefully as a printed book. Here you can find more about the project

I began my life as a photographer a bit late, after my struggle to find myself in engineering I finally decided to follow my Father's footsteps and pursue my love for photography. My professional career is as a graphic designer, but photography is a special, unique way to control and mitigate my bipolar condition. It is my personal treatment and many of my works are deeply influenced by my changing and contradicting mood states. But it was the discovery of the alternative photographic processes and the influence of Omaira Abadia that defined, and refined my approach to photographic art.